Business to Book

Are you a business owner who wants to write a book? But you don’t know if it would be worth your time — and you don’t even know where to start — and you don’t have time to research it!

Do you ever wish you had someone in your corner helping you move towards your goal of writing and publishing your first book?

When we work together, you get:

  • One-on-one support
  • Clarity on why you are writing your book and what your ultimate outcome goal is
  • Assistance planning clear and reasonable milestones
  • Action steps to move you towards your intermediate goals
  • Implementation tasks for accountability

If this is what you are looking for, author coaching may be the right choice for you!

Author coaching can help you get out of your own way to get your book written and published.

Hello! I’m Deborah Niemann, author of six traditionally published, non-fiction books about homesteading, sustainable living, and raising goats. Ever since my first book was published in 2011, people have been asking me about the publishing process.

Research tells us that 81% of people say they want to write a book. So, why don’t most people do that?

First of all, most people don’t even know where to start, and they are filled with self doubt that stops them from even trying.

Second, without a clear goal and a vision about how to get there, it’s tough to show up at your computer day after day and write! Procrastinating and coming up with excuses is so easy when you are not confident that you are on the road to accomplishing a worthy goal.

And ultimately there is only one simple formula for writing a book — just write!

I can help you with both of those challenges. I can talk you through the publishing process and help you figure out if your reward for writing a book will be big enough for you to invest the time and effort into actually doing it!

And once you are committed to your dream of a finished book, we can work together on coming up with your personalized schedule that takes into account all of the other things you are juggling in your life.

Ultimately, I help you stay on track with weekly check-ins and suggestions for getting back on track when you fall off.

Got questions about working with me? Click here to send me a message.